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I just wanted to let you know that my trading is going really well, especially since I've returned from the workshop. Since June 17th I've had 43 trades and 60% were profitable. I am up 12.96% and have had no losing months. It is such a great feeling! I want to thank you for all your help because it has made all the difference in the world!



I want to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving.

It took me a while to get back to you as a mentor but I can tell you that you are very, very good at what you do.

I have experienced many different services over the last 3 years. Only your service offers the complete education that a trader needs.

I wasn't far enough along the first time thru to appreciate all of your teachings. But, with the experiences I have had over the last few years, the value of what you bring to this comes thru.

Having a disciplined approach that consistently keeps your risk at a minimum is the gateway to success. And the way you reinforce that on a consistent basis allows the principles to sink in. You see it working in real time. Great job.



Kerry thanks again for your help; essentially shaking me and getting me out of a rut. You helped me to earn silver last week and I have had about 3-4 profitable trades in a row in my personal account.



I was reading your latest e-mail "Process of a Trader" and thought how many times I have heard this before-eliminate losses, be consistent, ride the bigger winners, keep a trades journal, filter out noise, ect. The difference with you is that you not only stress the need, but you offer quantitative solutions for accomplishing these task. Starting my second year with you I have found that your trade processes are reasonable, well thought out, and adaptable to different trading styles-and best of all-- they work.




I would like to thank you for a great service! You have fantastic video consultations and really inspired me, I am more inspired than ever before. Your service helped my equity to grow. I doubled the amount of bonuses on the SpikeTrade and will win Bank Robbery Award 3rd month in a row. What I was missing before was what strategy to use in what market condition. This helped me a great deal. Also I adjusted entries /exits based on your ATR channels and Triggers. This minimized the number of emotional/impulsive trades. This minimizes my capital drawdowns and increases equity curve.



Hi Kerry,

Ever since I have started taking lessons from you, I'm doing reasonably well in the markets.

In Indian tradition you can't do well in any sphere of life unless you have a mentor. You have become my mentor, In the last one month exceedingly well.

Thanks and best wishes!


I am really getting great insight out of the weekly sessions. You can't imagine what a change in my trading success. Keep up the good work.

When you come to south Florida to visit, please plan to stay with us. I have to take you to a great sushi place just north of us.

Jim R.

I just want to compliment you on your market commentaries and the quality and depth of your research. You have a very well thought out methodology to your trading style and have effectively eliminated a lot of the market risk inherent in trading. It's a refreshing approach and confirms that one does not have to be long, or in the market all the time.

Les T.

Thanks again for today. I learned a ton. To top it off the trade worked! Please look at your calendar and schedule another day for us.

Josh N.

I couldn't resist sending this email to express my gratitude for the privilege of learning from your experience and expertise as a mentor. As you know, the trading world is a jungle of people trying to sell information and trading systems. Wading through this myriad to find someone who is both trustworthy and knowledgeable can be a monumental task for a beginner like me.

I consider it a blessing to have been introduced to you by Dr. Alexander Elder. Having you relay your knowledge to me is a joy. Knowing I can someday go on with the confidence, not having to rely on someone to understand the markets to trade on my own is a dream come true.

With Much Gratitude,

Doug D.

I just wanted to say thanks, Your last 3 video consultations has helped me a lot in controlling my impulsive trading especially during last week and I was able to manage a small gain.




Thanks for the early Christmas gift! I'm referring our discussion on Apple; because of your advice, I took the appropriate action with the results being that your service is now paid for the next ten years.



Thanks a definitely did help me. I like your trading style; it makes a lot of sense.

Thanks again.

Aamir D.

August was my best trading month ever. Average entry grade was 79% and exit grade 68% (all inclusive). I did equally well on longs & shorts and most of the action came from one single stock that I played off the boundaries of the envelopes as I identified a repeat pattern. I also seem to have internalized the "buy low, sell high when divergences are present" concept. It took some big hits in July (as you are aware) to get the concept from theory to practice. I also applied a different risk management strategy to my trading that is quite similar to your scaling system.

Funny, here I am talking to you about it but it did not hit home until Alex included the note from Andrea in one of the daily mails. Using such an approach has let me sleep better. It also lets me take advantage of the fact that most of my trades are in the money at the beginning.

John C.

I just wanted to tell you that your document "Characteristics of a New Bullish Trend" was very helpful. I really appreciate your methods and more importantly your way of teaching them. It has definitely improved my trading over the last year.



Just want to let you know that I recognize your character is of the highest quality - as demonstrated in the webinar last night. I was very impressed and am glad to be in the mentor process under you. Am looking forward to what is coming.