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Dr. Alexander Elder writes:

"I have known Kerry for years. He won multiple rounds trading his own money in the Real Money Match within our Spike group. He knows my system well, having graduated from a regular and advanced Traders' Camps. He servered as a Guest Instructor in the European Traders' Camp in 2007, the Caribbean Camp and Macau Camp in 2008, and the Guatemala Camp in 2013."

The journey to accomplish consistent trading success comes through personalized mentorship.

Let us help create what you need to know to achieve your own trading goals. We begin with an assessment of your goals and background, and then create a structured plan building upon your current knowledge and trading experience while addressing current trading issues and building your strengths that will help embrace the right trading system for you. Trading is more than learning any one strategy; one must learn the best trading style that fits his/her own personality. Trading is unique for every individual and mentorship is the best pathway to success. Depending on your prior experience, a mentorship will guide you from the basics of trend trading to developing a complete trading system while learning how to monitor one’s own performance and make adjustments and enhance your strengths and minimize your weaknesses that may interfere with your trading success. We can help determine which markets, timeframes and account size is required to achieve your desired goals. Your personal approach to trading needs to fit your risk-tolerance, otherwise embracing your trading system becomes more difficult and minimizes your chances of reaching your objectives.

We will also provide the instructional material in the form of video consultations, which help reinforces private consultation meetings. Clients can ask questions via email and receive feedback as your journey to trading success progresses. Clients can participate in weekly phone calls, group on-line meetings as well as daily email communication. Every trader thrives to achieve consistency in their trading performance, yet exceedingly few traders experience success over the long term. Trading is the only profession where one can decide in minutes to be a professional trader, then be trading with the best financial minds the world has to offer. No other profession a person can immediately be participating with veterans of their industry as quickly as the trading profession. To be a surgeon one must go thru years of formal education and then practice as an Intern under the supervision of an expert in that field.

We can work with enhancing your existing strategies and overall trading system, help become better organized, so trading does not control your life, help build scans to find the conditions you are interested in trading, develop your entry and exit rules, and how to monitor your performance. We have clients that say it helps to be accountable to a trading coach; knowing that we will analyze your trades for the day or week and provide feedback can help achieve more consistent results. Most professions have a boss or manager that holds them accountable. When you become a private trader you only have yourself to hold accountable. Many clients find many benefits to discuss their trading experiences as the journey of a trader can be a lonely path to travel.